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Tips to Get Your Home Ready for Thanksgiving Guests

How to get home ready for thanksgiving guests

Thanksgiving is a beloved holiday when family and friends give thanks for all they have while enjoying delicious food and the pleasure of each other’s company. Yet all that food prep can also leave you short of time. If you want to make a good impression this holiday season, here are a few easy tips on how to get your home ready for Thanksgiving guests without spending a lot of time cleaning.

If you do nothing else, make sure you give the bathroom a good cleaning. That’s the one room you want to make sure is spotless. Give the toilet and sink a good scrubbing, wipe down the countertops, make sure there’s plenty of toilet paper on hand, as well as fresh clean towels, and consider lighting a candle right as guests begin to arrive.

A quick vacuum does wonders to make any room look instantly cleaner. Make sure the entrance, any hallways, living room, dining room, and any other rooms guests might pass through are vacuumed.

Try to give the living room and dining room a quick dust and get rid of any big clutter, even if you just toss everything into a bag or basket to be sorted out at another time. You don’t need to dust every nook and cranny; just focus on the big things like coffee and side tables, and any low shelves, electronics, and entertainment centers.

If your guests are likely to have coats and bags, make sure they have somewhere to put them. If you have a coat rack in the entrance, clear it off so there’s plenty of room for your guests’ items. If you don’t have a coat rack, use a guest room or office on the first floor, but make sure the surface for the coats is clean.

Even though your kitchen will be in use, try to give the counters a quick wipe down before guests arrive and make sure the sink is empty. If you’ve already run the dishwasher, go ahead and empty it. This way, the sink and dishwasher will be ready for all of the dinner dishes when the feast is over.

Piedmont Residential’s Kennesaw GA homes for sale often have customized light packages. To hide any areas you didn’t get to clean thoroughly, go ahead and light some candles. Not only does it make any dust harder to see, but it also creates a cozy atmosphere, perfect for a Thanksgiving celebration.



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