Facts About Foreclosure Homes

With Piedmont’s Hassle Free New Home Purchase Experience—Find the Right Home in the Right Location at the Right PRICE!

  1. Foreclosed Home Comes “As Is.”
  2. A Piedmont Residential home comes just the way you want it.
  3. Foreclosed homes can take months to close.
  4. Piedmont Residential can close within 30 days, or we can build you a home in 90 days!
  5. Foreclosed homes come without a warranty.
  6. Piedmont Residential has a warranty and a quick response time.
  7. Foreclosed homes will have many bidders—are you a risk taker?
  8. Piedmont works with you to make sure you get the exact home you want.
  9. Foreclosures have typically been neglected properties and can require a lot of repairs.
  10. Piedmont Residential makes sure only the best building materials and technology are incorporated into every home. Foreclosures do not require an inspection or meet state regulations Piedmont Residential meets and passes every state requirement and adheres to a high level of building standards.
  11. Foreclosures are represented by real estate agents that are unaware of the home’s history.
  12. Piedmont’s New Home Sales Consultants are fully trained and knowledgeable about the entire building process.
  13. Foreclosures often sit vacant for months taking a toll on all major systems.
  14. Piedmont Residential includes the latest features and quality products throughout each home.
  15. Foreclosures are often located in neighborhoods where property values have drastically declined.
  16. Piedmont Residential truly offers the best value and a reputable product.

Bottom Line…foreclosures are stressful, uncertain, and high risk.
We believe that you deserve your dream home and a smart investment for many years to come.


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