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Fall/Winter 2018 Home Trends

One of the perks of buying one of the new homes in Dallas GA is the opportunity to choose new colors, finishes, and other decorative details. Even if you can’t buy all new furniture, you can do a lot with paint, carpet, and smaller decorative details to give your home furnishings a modern update. The trends this fall and winter offer a variety of choices, from bold, colorful prints to dusky rose. Whether you’re moving into a new home or just updating a couple of rooms, you’ll find some ideas to give your home a fresh new style.

If you’re hesitant to get to involved with trends that may look outdated too soon, a simple choice is to go with the updated neutrals. Think along the lines of natural wood furniture with natural patinas, clear wood grain, stripped timbers and overall lighter, wood tones. Complement the pieces with gray walls, lightly patterned pillows or pottery, and tone-on-tone color block rugs.

On the other hand, if you don’t mind being more bold, think gold! In this case, gold carpet is seeing a surge in popularity. This is something that works best with furniture with clean lines or mid-century modern styling. Black furnishings and accessories are popular this season as well and will look good against the gold carpeting or choose dark wood colors for the contrast. By keeping most items sleek, the gold adds some vibrance without being tacky.

Another bolder design trend that is sticking around is the use of oversize florals. In some cases, people are choosing to wallpaper one wall with an intense, oversize floral pattern, often with a dark background to make the florals stand out more. Think of some of the Golden Age still-life floral paintings. If you don’t want to go with a whole wall, there are large lampshades with the floral patterns or throw pillows. Keep the rest simple, though you could still use a bold color, such as a rich, deep red velvet to add to the room’s impact.

Finally, if you want warm tones this fall/winter, but don’t want the typical autumnal colors, dusky, old-fashioned pinks are making a come back. These shades of pink add warmth, but are also elegant and serene. Think grande dame instead of girly. Cover a sofa or chairs in a rich statement pink, find a rug in a shade of dusky pink bordering on purple, or use pink glass vases, candle holders, bowls, or wall trim to add a touch of pretty in pink to your neutrals.

Finally, a color that works with a range of this season’s trendy colors and designs is true blue navy. It pairs beautifully with pale rose pinks or subtle gold accents. Navy is a color that can look good for years in a variety of homes in Dallas GA, and can be updated easily. If you’d like to add some new ideas to your home, consider visiting the homes in the Dallas communities of Piedmont Residential for inspiration. Lost Creek, Park at Cedarcrest, and Brookside are just some of the communities where you can find stunning new homes ready for you to make them your own.

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