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Cozy Up Your Home With Fall Decorations

Even if the temperatures are still often in the 80s, fall has arrived. To add a touch of cozy, autumnal charm to homes in Newnan GA — even if you still have the AC on — here are some simple decorative additions and ideas. Pumpkin spice is optional.

With Halloween and Thanksgiving fast approaching, there’s no shortage of pumpkins and gourds available. The decorating options with these elements alone are numerous. Aside from the usual jack o’ lantern, get creative with your pumpkins. If you’re artistic, paint pumpkins of various sizes white or cream, and then paint flower or leaf patterns around the top of the pumpkin. Alternatively, if you’re not good at painting, decoupage some pressed leaves with coats of Modge Podge. Feathery fern leaves, as well as wreaths and patterns of yellow and gold leaves make a stunning impact.

For a more modern, trendy approach, try dipping just the bottom half or third into a paint color that complements the exterior of your home or a room inside. For more impact, dip it in at an angle. Leave the upper part of the pumpkin natural, or paint the whole pumpkin and then dip in a complementary color. Chevrons still have plenty of popularity, so a few chevrons around a pumpkin won’t look out of place. Whatever you do, the key is to choose more updated and unusual color combinations.

Of course, if you prefer your pumpkins and gourds au naturel, highlight them by placing them on cake stands and using bell jars to contain piles of them. Alternatively, find a beautiful rustic bowl or basket to pile them into, creating an attractive hearth decoration or table centerpiece.

Not everything has to be pumpkin, though. Simply look to the foliage of the season and instead of having vases of flowers, consider jugs of dried grasses or faux wheat for a harvest-inspired look.

Similarly, you can take yellow, orange, and red leaves from your own yard and turn them into a piece of art by layering and arranging them to create a larger leaf pattern. All you need is some Modge Podge and a painted canvas or stained piece of wood in a darker, contrasting color.

Finally, don’t forget the seasonal beauty of dried corn cobs and corn husks. It’s easy to create a beautiful fall-themed wreath for the front door with a simple wire frame, some corn husks and cobs, and a hot glue gun. Glue them in an alternating pattern around the wreath frame to create a beautiful starburst effect, fraying the edges of the husks for added texture.

These are just a few ideas of ways to add a touch of fall beauty to your homes in Newnan GA. Even just adding some autumn-colored pillows and blankets to chairs and sofas will add to your home’s cozy charm.

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