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The Best Months to Get the Best Prices on Household Items

So you’ve purchased one of the new homes in Canton GA and are ready to buy some new furniture and household goods to put the finishing touch on your home. Of course, having just bought a house, you’re probably looking to save a bit of money whenever possible on all of those new additions. If you can make the most of what you have and carefully plan when you make your purchases, you may just see some significant savings. Here are some seasonal breakdowns on when to buy what.

If you have a dedicated media room in your new home or just simply want to upgrade your television, try to hold off until November. With the Black Friday sales, you can get a lot more television bang for your buck.

If you’re working from home regularly, it’s important to have an efficient, comfortable office space. January is the best time of year to buy office furniture on clearance, as new designs are coming out in February. Start the year off right with an updated office.

When February rolls around, get ready to hit the Presidents’ Day sales for all of your bedding, towels, and linens.

With spring’s arrival, you may be planning some trips for spring break. If so, March is a great time to buy luggage.

This is also the season when people do some deep cleaning and for many that means replacing old mattresses that are past their prime. Memorial Day in May is when a lot of mattresses typically go on sale, so you’ll be sure to sleep better knowing you got the best deal.

If your cookware has lost its lustre and your plates are more of a collection of mismatched items, June is a great time to find some savings on these items. Plates, glasses, silverware, and similar pieces often go on sale to attract all of those people looking for wedding gifts this time of year.


If you’re planning some home renovations or just want to be prepared for emergencies, you will often find discounts on tools kits leftover from Father’s Day.

Not surprisingly, as August rolls around and kids start heading back to school, now is the time to look for significant savings on laptops and desktop computers.


As we drift into fall, it’s time to start thinking about treating yourself. If you’ve got the urge to travel, September is the best time to buy airline tickets. With off-season prices, you can save a lot of money on airfare. In fact, September is good for finding a lot of discounts on a variety of purchases as retailers are clearing out to get ready for the holiday season.

Finally, for the camping enthusiasts, October is great for purchasing a range of camping gear at good prices. Whether you’re planning a big camping trip or just want to set up a tent for the kids in the backyard of one of the new homes in Canton GA, you’ll soon be ready to toast some s’mores, sing a few songs around the campfire, and appreciate your brand new home.

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