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Why Summer Is the Best Time to Move

Perhaps you’re considering purchasing one of the homes for sale throughout metro Atlanta, but you’re wondering if summer is the best time to make a big move. Between the heat and vacations, the thought of trying to get settled into a new home may seem challenging, yet the reality is that this is a great time of year to move. So ramp up your home search and get ready to move into a great new home in time for the new school year.

First off, if you have a property you need to sell, now is the time to get it on the market. The summer months are when the market really heats up. Sellers have a much better chance of getting rid of an existing property to make purchasing a new home much easier and less stressful financially. Plus, with so many buyers out there, there’s a better chance of getting a higher price for your property.

When it comes to the actual move, the longer summer days will work to your benefit. Even though it’s hot, you’ve got long days full of sunshine to make it easier to get the move completed in one day if you’re not moving far. While the metro Atlanta area might not get lots of snow and ice, moving in the winter can be more challenging and dangerous and uncomfortable. To combat the heat, just keep a couple of coolers filled with ice and refreshing drinks on hand and be willing to crank up the AC for a day or two. Plenty of the new homes that Piedmont Residential has available right now feature a number of energy efficiency elements that will save you money over the long run and make up for a day or two of heavy AC use.

Don’t forget that summer is the season for garage and yard sales. Whether you’re getting rid of things you don’t want to move or looking for a few bargains for the new home, these kinds of sales are perfect. If you’re selling things, not only will you have less to pack, you’ll make a bit of extra money. And who knows, a visitor to your sale may fall in love with your home and want to buy it!

Finally, for anyone with kids, moving during the summer is ideal, because there’s no interruption to the school year, especially if you’re moving to a new school. The kids have more free time to decide what to take and what to get rid off and help the family pack and unpack. They also get to start the new school year off fresh, without interruptions to school and activities. They may even have time to make new friends in the new neighborhood, further helping the transition.

If you’re looking for homes for sale throughout metro Atlanta, Piedmont Residential has a wealth of properties that are all move-in ready. There are plenty of three- and four-bedroom homes, all brand new in some amazing communities across metro Atlanta. From Dallas to Newnan to Canton to Acworth and more, you’re sure to find the perfect home for your family, ready to move into right away. Contact Piedmont Residential today to learn more about their variety of homes that can easily be yours this summer.



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