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The future is now. You can shop for groceries, clothing, and even houses online. Virtual home shopping makes life much easier, especially when you live in another city or state from where you’re looking at new homes. It’s pretty handy even if you live in town but find it hard to spend time driving around from homesite to homesite. Piedmont Residential, a leading home builder in GA, understands the importance of making as much of the home- buying and building process available online.

As you shop for any home, you inevitably have ideas of what you want in terms of size, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and other important features. Piedmont Residential has an extensive selection of home designs and the tools to let you create specific filters based on community, square footage, and number of bedrooms and bathrooms.This saves time and effort when you know exactly what you need or at least your minimum range.

Of course, virtual home shopping is much more than just numbers. You want to get a real feel for each of the home designs. That’s why you’ll find extensive photos of each home design, along with floor plans, and in most cases, 3D tours that really let you see what the homes look like inside. You can view the tours on your computer screen or if you have virtual reality headsets, you can get a truly spectacular and immersive tour.

No matter how you choose to tour the home virtually, you get a viewer’s perspective, starting from the moment you step in the front door. On top of all of that, if you’re concerned about specific measurements, there’s a measurement mode in the virtual tours that allows you to take pretty much any measurement. From disability access to making sure that family heirloom pieces of furniture will fit, you’ll know exactly how much space is available.

Once you’ve found one or more floor plans that interest you, don’t forget to check the selection of move-in ready homes to see if your desired home design is already built and ready for you. When you’re ready to contact Piedmont Residential, you can set up virtual appointments through the phone or live chat, letting you search for a new home on your schedule.

Whether you choose one of the outstanding move-in ready homes or want to build, Piedmont Residential, a cutting edge home builder in GA, allows you to electronically sign the contract and even electronically transfer earnest money. So if you already have mortgage pre-approval and are ready to go, make sure you make the most of Piedmont Residential’s virtual home shopping. You could find yourself in a brand new home in record time, and get a great deal in the process thanks to low interest rates. Make your virtual appointment today before these in-demand homes get snapped up quickly.

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