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Outdoor Living Ideas For Yards of All Sizes

When it comes to a home’s yard, it needs to do more than just look pretty. Most homeowners and families use their yard for a variety of purposes. From kids playing soccer to dogs playing fetch to parents gathering with friends for a summer cookout, a yard needs to be all things to everyone, no matter the size. Fortunately, if you’ve moved into one of the new homes in Canton GA and need ideas for how to make the most of your yard, there are a variety of ways to create a great outdoor space.

First and foremost, think about how you want to use your yard and then create traffic patterns that help define these areas. You can use furnishings, paving stones, or even potted plants and bushes to help define the areas and provide a sense of designed order to the yard. Fortunately, if your home already has a deck, that makes it easier to define some of the space.

Whether you have a built-in deck or create your own, the key to a useful seating area is offering a variety of seating options. Sofas are great for comfort, but it helps to include a mixture of individual chairs that can be moved easily for personal chats, as well as potentially a few folding chairs for larger gatherings. Make sure your seating is laid out to make conversation as easy as possible.

Ideally, your outdoor living area should have some decorative focal points. It could be the main sofa, with a mix of colorful pillows, or it could even be a water feature, such as a small pond or fountain. Alternatively, you could choose a bold color, such as red or a bright blue for the tables and chairs to create a defined area through color. Don’t forget to consider any walls in your seating area. A decorative wrought-iron piece of art or a vintage sign can add the finishing touch.

Georgia summers are hot, plus, if your yard is on the smaller side, your outdoor living area could benefit from shade and privacy. If you don’t have a covered patio, consider adding a retractable awning or making sure you have large outdoor umbrellas. Even with a covered patio or deck area, planting a row of tall shrubs or dwarf trees will provide privacy and the potential for some extra shade. Alternatively, you could use a series of tall potted plants or vine-covered trellises for both privacy and visual appeal as they further serve as a framework for your seating area.

Think of your outdoor living area as an extension of your indoor living area. Decorate in similar ways that you’d decorate your family room. Choose a color theme, add in an outdoor rug, hang some sort of art on the walls, and include a mix of tables and chairs that make it easy to gather and talk, as well as eat and drink. Even sheer curtains can be incorporated into the outdoor living areas of new homes in Canton GA. Pull them back with decorative ties for an elegant finish to the space, or close them and use them as useful deterrents against annoying insects. No matter the size of your outdoor living area, you can create a space that looks and feels like a natural extension of your home.

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