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Sometimes you want the charm of a small town, while other times you want the perks of a big city. With Kennesaw GA, you get both. It definitely has the look of a small, rustic town, but it’s surprisingly full of things to do and isn’t far from downtown Atlanta. Anyone considering purchasing one of the homes in Kennesaw GA is sure to be happy with their choice, and they’ll be even happier if they choose one of our homes in the Prichard Park community.

Parents will be happy to know that there are excellent schools for all levels of education and SAT scores rank significantly higher than the state and national average. Plus, if you work in the education field, you’ll find plenty of job opportunities in this area, where quality education is considered a focal point of the community.

It’s not all work and study, though. Kennesaw is home to a variety of festivals and events held throughout the year, typically designed for the whole family to enjoy. One of the big favorites is the Big Shanty Festival. As you can imagine, there’s plenty of music and entertainment, but there are also hundreds of booths displaying arts and crafts. You’ll also find more than enough food to feed even the pickiest of eaters.

Speaking of food, you’ll find a great selection of local restaurants in town. Plus, there’s a food truck season that serves up a wide array of delicious foods, with cuisines both local and international. For those who like to create their own kitchen masterpieces, there’s a large farmers market every summer with plenty on offer from local farmers. You’ll find the obvious organic produce, but you’ll also find baked goods, and even unique pieces for your home’s décor.

Kennesaw Mountain is a popular location for getting out and enjoying the great outdoors, especially with great hiking and biking, but there’s no shortage of parks around town. Swift-Cantrell Park is the largest in Kennesaw, and offers up activities to keep everyone happy. Dog lovers will be thrilled to know there’s a dog park included. You’ll also find two large-scale playgrounds, a splash pad, a wellness area, and several picnic pavilions, making it a wonderful place to spend the day with the family. In addition, there’s also the Kennesaw Skatepark, which has been certified as a proper skate park and covers 40,000 sq. ft. Skaters will find everything they want here.

For a combination of nature, culture, and history, don’t miss Depot Park. Along with a playground and an open playing field, you’ll also find the Carrie House, a small building from 1890 that often hosts art shows and other cultural events. The park itself is also the site of many community events, and for a touch more history, this is where the old train depot and tunnel Amphitheatre are located, recalling the town’s railroad history.

It’s clear to see that Kennesaw is a pretty wonderful place to live. It’s a charming small town, but it offers a lot more than you’d expect, and not being far from Atlanta, residents have even more choices! If you’re interested in one of the homes in Kennesaw GA, contact us today to learn more about Prichard Park, which is within walking distance of many of the town’s shops, restaurants and more. Come be a part of it all!


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