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How to Save When Selling Your Home

Selling your Dallas GA homes may seem like a great way to make money, but you may be surprised that it can also cost money, especially if this is the first time you’re selling a home. You may be focused on saving money for your new home, but suddenly find that there are a surprising number of costs involved in ensuring you get the best price for your home. Here are some tips on the best steps to take — even if they cost some money — to get a successful sale of your home.

While it may seem counterintuitive to pay for a pre-sale inspection yourself, it could be worth it financially in the long run. A pre-sale inspection, before your house goes on the market, is a great way to catch potential problems that would come up during an inspection by a potential buyer. If there are a number of costly repairs, the buyer could choose to back out or ask for a major reduction in the price of the house. By knowing about any problems in advance, you can afford to fix them at your pace, even if it means delaying selling your home right away. You’ll be less rushed and have more time to do some repairs yourself, which will help you save money. Plus, it is a great selling point if potential buyers know the home has already been inspected and that certain repairs have been made. They’ll feel more comfortable in making a bid.

Hopefully you’re lucky enough not to have any major repairs needed, such as a roof or plumbing. Even so, it can help sell your home if you do some smaller repairs or updates on your own. It can be worth the cost to do things like give your home a fresh coat of paint, inside and outside, especially if the paint is looking dull or damaged. This is typically something you can do on your own over a weekend or two. Just be careful with your colors and choose friendly neutrals. Skip harsh whites on the interior walls and go for softer off-whites. However, a white ceiling can really lift the room and make it feel larger and more open.

Some people hire professionals to stage their home, but there’s no need to spend $1000 or more on such a service. Just do what the professionals do. Start with a deep cleaning of the whole home, including the carpets. If the carpets in certain areas really are looking shabby, it’s worth it to replace them, because potential buyers will look at the worn out carpet and immediately start factoring in the cost of replacement, potentially knocking down how much they’re willing to pay for your home.

After you’ve done the deep clean, go through and take out any furniture that is looking worn out, remove any excess furniture that makes a room feel cramped, and get rid of any excess of knickknacks and personal photos, etc. Go ahead and pack them up and put them in storage and you’ll be ahead of the packing game, plus there will be less to clean and dust every time you need to show the house. While bare rooms don’t necessarily entice buyers, neither do overcrowded rooms. Buyers need to imagine their own furnishings in a room, but still need inspiration for where to place items.

By taking care of the most important repairs and making sure the surface of your home looks fresh and inviting, you’ll make a better impression on buyers and give them fewer reasons to try to knock down your asking price. Of course, when it comes to buying one of the Dallas GA homes, a great way to save money is to take advantage of special end-of-year sales such as the Home for the Holidays Piedmont Residential sales event going on right now. You can save thousands of dollars on a brand new, move-in-ready home that you know won’t require any major repairs for quite some time.

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