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Feng Shui Your Yard for Amazing Curb Appeal

If you’re starting to look at new homes in Woodstock GA, consider contacting Piedmont Residential to learn about the Victoria Crossing community that is coming soon. The homes that Piedmont Residential builds always have plenty of natural light and classic design features that complement a wide range of decorating preferences. Even outdoors, the traditional and craftsman-style elevations are surrounded by professionally landscaped and sodded yards when you first purchase them. Of course, you can always add your own touches to your yard to add to the curb appeal and perhaps increase your happiness, health, and positivity through the use of some feng shui tennents.

Most people have heard of using feng shui indoors for a more mindful and peaceful home, but it turns out the principles of feng shui also work with the outside of your home. After all, the outside area is what flows into your home when you enter it, so it makes sense that you should aim for having tranquility, peace and well-being surrounding your home. Plus, your home looks friendly, inviting and attractive!

It should come as no surprise that you should keep up the maintenance on your home’s exterior and the landscaping. A dirty, overgrown, patchy, leaf-covered home and yard aren’t going cultivate good energy and they certainly don’t give off a good feeling to family, friends or neighbors.

Not only do lush plants, flowers, and colorful trees add to the visual appeal of your yard and front stoop, they also are a positive expression, boosting your home’s energy and overall health and growth. Think of the joy and sense of peace that comes just from seeing a beautifully landscaped yard. This is the kind of happiness that can flow into your home. However, feng shui adherents advise against using cactus plants that are pointy and prickly and foreshadow pain.

Finally, among the most important parts of your home’s exterior are the pathway and entrance. The pathway should be clear of any hindrances and be well maintained, whether it’s repairing cracks or getting rid of weeds. It should lead easily to your front door, which is the main portal to the home. A welcoming front door that is easily visible calls both energy and opportunity into the home and the lives of the family. If your front door isn’t highly visible, consider adding in more lights or bigger house numbers, and for an extra kick of positive energy, paint your front door red, a positive color in feng shui.

Whether you are a feng shui believer or not, all of these recommendations still work to create outstanding curb appeal and just make your home look more inviting and warm. Use some of these elements to make your current home more attractive to buyers and implement these and more when you purchase one of the new homes in Woodstock GA at the Victoria Crossing community that is coming soon!

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