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Design Tips for Boosting Your Mood This Winter

A number of people suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder(SAD), resulting in depression and more when winter drags. For others, the response isn’t as severe, but moods tend to drop as the cold, dull weather continues. To help lift your spirits for the rest of this winter in your new homes in Oakwood, GA here are some design tips sure to make you feel a bit brighter.

It’s no surprise that a number of Scandinavian and Northern European countries have words for this happy feeling. Whether it’s Dutch gezellig or Danish hygge, the overall aim is to make your home feel cozy and somewhere you want to spend time with family (and friends when safe), feeling warm and content.

While minimalism is a popular design style, during the winter months feel free to soften things up and add a few more pillows and blankets and candles to make your space feel warmer and softer. Texture, in particular, is important. Look for plush, fluffy pillows, blankets, and even weighted blankets, and don’t forget those warm fuzzy slippers. Even a snuggly robe or an actual Snuggie or similar item may make you feel better, and borrowing a few of your kids’ teddy bears and other stuffed animals might be worth a try if they’ll share. A soft comforting hug works, whether it’s with people for a cute teddy bear.

While we may not be able to socialize at the local coffee shop the way we used to, there’s no reason you can’t take a little time out of the day to share a warm cup of something pleasant with a family member at home or even with friends and family online. Make a real event out of it with a particularly nice mug and maybe a special tea, coffee, or hot chocolate that you don’t always treat yourself to daily. Also find a calming and attractive corner to curl up in or at least create a Zoom background that looks cozy! This can help create a sense of warmth and connection that we all need these days.

If you have a fireplace of any sort — and many Piedmont Residential homes do — whether a full fireplace, a gas fireplace, or even just the space where there used to be one, make the most of it. Even an ornamental fireplace filled with rows of candles can add warmth and charm to your home and create a soothing atmosphere. The flicker of the flames, the crackle of the firewood, or just even the warm glow of the candles can do wonders for releasing the stresses of the day, especially when you’re curled up with a thick afghan, blanket or quilt and a good book or just a warm drink. If an indoor fire isn’t possible, consider a firepit outside, since Georgia winters are sometimes a bit more amenable, even if they haven’t been recently.

One way to let as much natural light in while still maintaining some privacy is the use of translucent curtains. They can add an ethereal glow to a room when the crisp winter sun is shining. They also add a soft touch to the light and the room, especially framed by heavier curtains.

If you really want to dispel the notion that winter is continuing, be sure to bring in some large, fantastic greenery to make your home feel more like an elegant hothouse. Tall leafy green plants and smaller collections of succulents, and a variety of plant sizes in between definitely help dispel some of those winter blues when you fill your home with green.

Finally, consider some plush rugs, even overlaid on your regular rugs for added squooshy comfort, and top everything off with candles galore. Just make sure you’re not mixing too many candle fragrances in one room, which could be overwhelming. One or two scented candles paired with lots of unscented candles of varying sizes in a variety of containers adds a soft, romantic, cozy glow to any room. You can find lots of attractive candle holders that are available in complementary decorative colors and patterns and a mix of styles, perhaps on a silver tray for added reflection that really makes a room feel special. Just be careful with pets and young animals around.

To help cheer you up in these final months of winter, add in as many soft, warm, and cozy items as possible to your new homes in Oakwood, GA, while still maintaining your overall aesthetic. If you veer toward minimalism, you can still add lots of pillows and blankets, just do so in neutral colors that blend with your existing decor. Grouping candles keeps things organized but still cozy and warm. If SAD is still getting you down, get a light-therapy lamp that you can set up in a cozy corner where you can sit in a soft, comfy chair, covered in plush blankets and soak in the necessary light, letting the combination of decor and technology help put a smile on your face.

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