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Cozy Winter Decorating Ideas Beyond Christmas

Not everyone celebrates Christmas and not everyone wants to keep Christmas decorations up past the new year. Yet most people enjoy some festive winter decorations to make their homes in Newnan GA feel cozy and warm during the lingering days of winter. Here are some tips to make your home cozy and welcoming, without the typical Christmas decor.

A fun and fairly easy DIY project that can be done while binging your shows of choice is the creation of a simple embroidery hoop wreath. Take the solid rings of two differing size embroidery hoops and wrap them in yarn. You can stick with red or go with blue, and consider using slightly different tones for each hoop, or choose a yarn with some tonal variations. Then glue the smaller one inside the larger one — consider going slightly off center for something a little different — and then attach some real or faux greenery such as pine branches and some painted pine cones or silk poinsettia blooms. Hang it on your front door or even somewhere in your home.

Strings of colorful pennants have been a popular decorating item over the years. Consider a winter take on this tradition and instead of pennants, string up colorful mittens! You can use a clothes line or ribbon and cute clothes pins to string them up, making the display functional and fun, since family members can easily grab a pair as they head out the door and they have a fun reminder of where to put them when they come back home. Add in extra pairs for the ones that inevitably get lost and the odd numbers won’t be a problem in a mix-and-match display perfect for entry foyers or hallways.

Paper lantern stars in varying sizes and colors are a great way to add some winter cheer to your home. String them up at varying heights in front of a large window, so they look like falling stars or falling snowflakes, depending on your perspective. You can choose a mix of colors or stick with a color theme to complement the room in which they’re hanging.

Don’t forget the greenery. Poinsettias are popular this time of year, but even just some arrangements of pine branches and similar live greenery draped over mirrors, picture frames, on mantels, or along sideboards adds a lovely touch to any room.  There are also winter blossoms to consider, such as paperwhites, which are a lovely winter bloom. Pot them in rustic but elegant birch planters, wrapped with a bit of ivory ribbon and arrange them on a side table or entry foyer table with a few scattered small tealight holders for a beautiful display.

If you have a dedicated coffee bar in your home, consider adding a few additions, such as the makings for a good cup of hot chocolate. Even if it’s just the packaged kind, store the powder in a cute tin, keep a decorative storage jar of marshmallows on hand, and add in a few winter-themed mugs for something a little special and fun.

Finally, there’s always the classic plaid. Stick with the red tones for extra blankets on the bed or throws for the sofa, or use ribbon in any plaid color mix to create bows for stairways or even use a nice plaid for a table runner.

There are plenty of ways to bring in elements of winter charm without having to stick with Santa and other obvious Christmas decorations. Choose some nature-inspired elements to keep your homes in Newnan GA looking festive all winter. As the winter days drag on, a little bit of decorative cheer can really make a difference in your mood. Plus, you can always add a spike of something to your hot chocolate on particularly dull days or at least indulge in a few extra marshmallows.

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