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Cosmetic Upgrades to Help Sell Your Home


If you’re in the market for one of the new homes in Milton GA, we invite you to visit Millstone Parc, a community of luxurious townhomes. Of course for many buyers, there’s an existing home that needs to be sold. To help your home sell quicker and potentially for more, there are cosmetic upgrades that won’t break the bank, but have a big return on investment when selling a home.


Start with first impressions, which means make sure your home has curb appeal. Edge the driveway and any walkways, pull any weeds, maybe install a new mailbox, and consider adding some shrubberies or a few blooming flowers, especially around the entrance or any areas that are a bit empty and bland. You want your home to look clean and inviting from the first look.


Inside, something as simple as a fresh coat of paint – preferably a nice gray, beige, or white neutral – can really make a room look brighter and more inviting. Similarly, if you have hardwood floors, consider giving them a fresh stain. Not only does it give new life to the space, but it can hide some of the wear and tear.


Take a good look at your ceiling lights and ceiling fans. If they haven’t been updated in a few years – or decades – now is the time to bring them into style. Something simple and classic will help the spaces feel more current and not be an eyesore for potential buyers.


If the hardware in your kitchen and bathrooms is dated, this is a simple fix. Sleek nickel or brushed brass hardware in clean lines or styles that complement your home make a small but significant impact on the overall look of the kitchen and bathrooms.


Also in the kitchen and bathrooms, make sure the grout around any tiles is clean. If the tiling is particularly out of date,  you may want to replace some of it, but the main thing is to make sure the grout is clean and there aren’t any broken tiles.


Finally, if you have an outdoor patio or deck area, make sure it looks pulled together and cozy. You may want to update your furniture that you can take with you for your new home, but in the meantime set it out to make the space look comfortable and a good place to entertain. Add in an outdoor rug to help pull the space together and look more stylish, and don’t forget to add some smaller decorative pieces, and even strings of lights or lanterns, to make the space look like a second family room that can be enjoyed throughout much of the year.


These small fixes can make a big impact and make your home more appealing to buyers. The sooner you sell it, the sooner you can get into one of the new homes in Milton GA. Contact us today to learn more about Millstone Parc.


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